Thursday, May 26, 2011


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Well well well, I sent out the invites. Hopefully if you're reading this, you got one!

So, please RSVP via email:
ASAP so we know whose coming and who's not.

Sorry, we aren't doing plus ones. :(
We have a very limited area so we need to keep the guests down.

I hope that doesn't offend anyone-- don't worry, you will have a great time with all the great people going! Most of you know each other anyway!

If you can't make it we totally understand and you will be sorely missed.
If you CAN make it, get ready to party A-Town style! Not really. No one calls it that.

Also, some people have asked if we we have a registry. We really just want a fun wedding/party with you people, but if you INSIST:

We are also sorting out where to get hotel rooms for those of you that will be in need of one. I'll put up a blog post as soon as possible about the rooms (it would probably be best to book sooner rather than later.)
It'll be either at Best Western or Holiday Inn. We're just trying to see if we can get a group rate.

And because of limited parking, car pooling is highly encouraged! Better for the earth too! :)

Please email me or leave a comment here if you have ANY questions!

We are wicked (yea Mass) excited for the upcoming nuptials. And we are also really excited to see all you fabulous people all in one small place. :)

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